Opera Mobile: Problems with position of dialog box

For the benefits of the hoards of readers here, the flood of master pieces continues.

I’m using Opera Mobile on Android. It works better than most other browsers in various ways. However, some sites have perhaps not tested with Opera Mobile?

For instance, go to http://www.disqus.com and click the login link in the upper right corner. A little dialog box pops up. (It’s not a window, but an html-element). Unfortunately, in Opera Mobile the dialog box is positioned so that its edge ends up outside of the edge of the “main screen”. The result in this case is that the actual Login button is not visible.

In essence, it does not seem to be possible to login to disqus.com using Opera Mobile.

I’ve noticed a similar problem with erroneously positioned html-elements on lastpass.com .

Crappy work-around: Use a bookmarklet that removes all stylesheet (CSS) on the page where such a problem occurs. Paste the following one-liner javascript into a bookmark (it’s a javascript “link”):


This is the bookmarklet named RemoveCSS from here: http://dorward.me.uk/software/disablecss/

By invoking/pressing the bookmarklet, the page will become ugly but functional — all elements will be visible on screen.

“Tjofjöjt i brallan”, as they say — it works!


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